Printed Fabric

sublimation printed fabric

Sublimation printing can print any digital design into a wide variety of fabrics for an even wider variety of uses. But, Any fabric having polymeric cellular structure is necessary for dye sublimation to work properly.

Having said that, there are a spate of fabrics that go by different names that are polymeric fabrics like polyester. They include polyacrylonitrile (Orlon and Acrilon brand names), acrylic (same brand names as previous), nylon (not printable with dye sublimation, though), polyethylene terephthalate (polyester), spandex, and a couple others that I can’t remember off the top of my head.

However, due to cost factors, availability, and ease of use, polyester is the best and least costly fabric available for graphic printing. If you have a dye sublimation printer and heat press, by all means, experiment with it. You might discover something new!

printed fabric

What are the benefits of dye sublimation printing on fabric?

1. Long lasting printed colors

Dye sublimation printing will give you the longest lasting color in your fabric of any type of printing available on fabric. The best national flags are made of polyester because they are color fast and wind resistant.


2. Best fabric printing method.

 pop up retractable bannersThe best printing method on clothing is dye sublimation printing because there is no ink buildup that will prevent wicking of moisture away from the body. On fabric graphic displays, or art reproductions that are used indoors, the colors are guaranteed to last for 30 years or longer because they are encased in the sealed polymer cells.

3. The dyes won’t easily fade.

Another benefit of dye sub printed polyester fabric banners or displays or clothing is that you can wash them for years and not lose any color. I have a shirt that is a dye sublimation floral “Hawaiian-style” print that gets hung out to dry in the sun, and after several years it has not faded at all, unlike my cotton print shirts.

4. Colored-rich prints.

Finally, although there are other benefits I could point to as well, the last benefit is the richness of the color print on the polyester fabric. Because the dye is converted to gas during the heat transfer process, the tones blend into each other, creating a photographic quality to the prints, unparalleled by any other printing process.

printed fabric

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