Outdoor Display

sublimated outdoor

Sublimation has long been a decorating technology best used for indoor applications. Like many kinds of inks used for imprinting, sublimation inks react to UV light, which causes fading over time in outdoor conditions.

With new types of sublimation panels on the market, product decorators now have the ability to make headway into markets where outdoor imaging is in demand. There are many applications for sublimated products that are regularly exposed to sunlight, not the least of which is outdoor signage.

For instance, one of the most popular places to use dye sublimation printing is on snowboards. Another is light pole banners. There are several fabrics that can be used for display graphics outdoors at outdoor trade shows.

 sublimation outdoor

Pole Banner Prints Another place that dye sublimation printing is used is on gazebo covers. The top and edges can be printed with graphics and advertising, and dye sub printing will last a long time outdoors.

Flags can also be printed using dye sublimation. It is very common to see nylon and polyester flags printed for outdoor usage that are flying from standard flagpoles with company graphics below your country’s flag.

sublimation outdoor