Our Service

Pre-sale Service

- Help customers choose the suitable product, provide a comprehensive technical support and services.

1. Knowing all the requirements of customers

2. To help customers choose the suitable model.

3. To help customers matching solutions.

4. To help customers choose the suitable supporting equipment.

5. To help customers plan power supply and other programs.

6. Order the feasibility of the program of "Best Sublimation Printing Equipments".


Sale Service

- Deliver qualified sublimation printing material to customers on time and teach customers how to use and maintain them.

1. Timely communicate with the company marketing department, delivery to customers on time.

2. Teaching customers how to install, debug sublimation printing machines.


After Service

1. Three free service

Free assistance in installation, commissioning, training techniques and operators.

2. 24 h after-sales service

There are 24-hour sales service hotline at headquarters and offices, no matter when your product has any problems, just a phone call, we will provide you with a convenient service at the first time.

Customer Service Hotline: 86-25-83228884

3. Full network services

You could get the online service information from our website, or send us email, if you have any problems of machine maintenance and technical, we will provide you with a satisfactory answer.

Company website: www.feiyuepaper.com

Email: sales@feiyuepaper.com

Tel: 0086-25-83228884

Fax: 0086-25-83228894