Lanyards & Labels

sublimated hard material

Labels and decals are used to enhance the appearance of a product, draw attention, or warn an operator of a potential hazard.  Vinyl, poly carbonate or polyester can be used for labels, dependent upon product requirements. Pressure sensitive labels are used today in a wide variety of applications.

Heat transfer digital printing has the advanced domestic level. It has high transfer rate and fast drying effect. In China, there are a lot of girls love on account, with beautiful stickers and lace, in the notebook to record their daily mood. Stickers and laces can be printed by heat transfer, convenient and high-definition, very cute.

Labels & Decals

Advantages of heat sublimation transfer print on Labels & Decals :

It can print a small amount without waste, even if only one piece of paper.

It can print various graphics to meet different needs, especially the company’s logo and certification through the mark.

It can be applied to the production line, tracking product production at any time, to avoid excess material.

It can print tickets or bills, both speed and quality are high.

It can select resistance to high temperature, corrosion resistance, or paste type label printing.

With cutter used, you can immediately cut the paper. it is ideal for tickets.

With computer editing, print content and effect are perfect.

labels and stickers

sublimated hard material

Sublimation transfer printing technology can be applied to all aspects of life.

Our specialty is to offer “one-stop sublimation printing solution”.

In the process of printing and transferring, the printer, paper, ink, transfer machine, cutting machine and even the software which can deal with pictures are all sold in our company.