Lets See How To Store Your Digital Sublimation Ink


Digital sublimation ink, also known as thermal transfer ink, is the low energy, sublimation of the dispersion of dye stuffs made into digital printing ink, printed on the transfer paper, by heating, you can in the shortest possible time to produce the image of fine porcelain , Metal, silk, chemical fiber fabrics and other materials, is very suitable for personalized development of the market needs and environmental requirements.



When you replace your sublimation ink, you should follow the steps carefully. It may not take a long time for you to replace your sublimation ink.Do not omit one of the steps, or reverse order, according to the requirements of operation, to be able to better replace the sublimation of ink, to be able to play the best results.



In your daily lives of store your dye sublimation ink. You should pay attention to the temperature. Ink usually only need to place the room at room temperature, but if the weather is hot, the best pay attention to the more cool place, this way to be able to better ensure that the temperature inside the temperature particles will not be too active because of the temperature.


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