How To Choose A Right UV Printer?

Are you considering adding a UV printer to your business? Are you a bit perplexed with making the right choice between all the printer models currently available? How do you pick the one that’s not only right for your business today, but right for you in the future as your business grows tomorrow and beyond? You’ve come to the right place. This guide will help you make sense of the complexities of UV printing technology.
First, confirm the uv printer size according to the material and size of the print media. The area of ​​the material determines the size of the selected device. For example, in the advertising industry, the standard plate model is 1.2m * 2.4m, the commonly used UV flatbed printer model is 2513, and the printing area is 2.5m * 1.3m, which can cover the entire plate.
According to the print media speed and print accuracy, confirm the print head selection:
At present, the most popular used on the market are: Epson, Ricoh, Toshiba, Seiko
Epson print head: high printing accuracy with 3.5PL ink droplets. It is a relatively high precision print head in the industry. The new XP600 original print head prints very good, as long as adopting smooth and stable quality ink, the nozzle won’t be clogged easily. BUT please follow the maintenance guide from the UV printer supplier. Epson print head lifespan ranges from 6-12 months.
Ricoh print head: medium printing accuracy with 7PL ink droplets, it’s an industrial-grade printer. It is a comprehensive print head of speed and accuracy. Ricoh G5 print head is free from clogging. Ricoh print head lifespan is around 3-4 years.
Toshiba print head: take CE4M as an example, medium accuracy with 5PL ink droplets. Since Toshiba print head is not popularly used as Epson and Ricoh so the ink cost will be more expensive than Epson. It is an industrial-grade print head with medium printing speed and accuracy, which is not easy to be clogged as Ricoh, the lifespan could be 2-3 years.
Seiko print head: low printing accuracy with 35PL ink droplets. The only advantage is that they are relatively faster than Ricoh. Seiko print head more suitable for building industry like door or wall printing with low printing accuracy.
Key parameters comparison among above 4 print head:
Precision: Epson> Toshiba> Ricoh = Seiko
Speed: Seiko 510> Ricoh G5> Toshiba> Epson
Cost: Ricoh> Seiko> Toshiba> Epson
Based on the above comparison, each print head has its advantages and disadvantages. I would like like to propose the following suggestions for print head selection according to our many years UV printing experience:
If you have various types of items need to be printed and mainly for small batches customized services, high printing accuracy is preferred. In the meantime, you want a cheaper version of an initial investment. So we highly recommended Epson print head. However, it is necessary to maintain the print head strictly according to the manufacturer's daily guide.
For mass production printing, both high-speed printing and high-precision output are required. The most cost-effective is the Ricoh G5 print head.
If it is mass production industrial printing, pursue fast but not precision, such as wood-door, it is recommended that Seiko print head is a bit faster than Ricoh.
So choose Epson for the pursuit of high precision and cost-effective, and choose Ricoh G5 print head for the pursuit of high-speed mass-production printing!
Other Core Parts
Curing lamps: UV led lamps are more expensive than mercury lamps and LED tubes. A good curing lamp determines that the printing image will be cured completely during printing, avoiding peeling and discoloration. UV LED lamps not only save energy but also have a longer lifespan.
Gantry milling: Whether cross beam, frame, and other parts are gantry milling, this is very important to the stability of the UV flatbed printer. All our UV printers have been gantry milled to ensure that the machine works stably for a long time.
Main parts such as motors, guide rails, and screw rods, Aurora adopts imported servo motors and mute high-quality guide rails to ensure stability.
Inks and coatings: We customize inks suitable for various types of UV printers according to the ICC system and provide cost-effective inks. CMYK LM LC W V uses our inks to provide lifetime technical support services.