Do You Know What Effect The Sublimation Printing Result



As we can see that dye sublimation ink and paper conformity is very important in sublimation printing area. When using different ink and paper, ink pulses of the printing machine must be set again by qualified service personnel according to changed items.



Using heat transfer paper with high transfer efficiency can reduce ink consumption much higher than estimations and allows you to save your ink costs that cannot be ignored. As a result, you can produce your products at a total cost much lower than you spent for both paper and ink. Thus, you can lower your costs and give less damage to the environment.



Due to the nature of sublimation printing, the dye is absorbed by the fabric and the ink has not adhered on the surface of the fabric; therefore sublimation allows the garment to continue to breathe without being harmful to the skin. Thus, it is ideal for garment industry or home textile products where the print contact with skin. Additionally, sublimation printing technique eliminates any cracking, peeling or fading of images on fabric. Even after multiple washing, the dyed images will remain sharp. Unlike other printing solutions, you can get long-lasting results.


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