Have You Try Your New Sublimation printer in 2020?


Large format sublimation printing is an innovative industry that is on the move to the mainstream with devices that can churn out specialty items as well as office standbys like large spreadsheets and proofing copies for posters and marketing materials. Keep an eye on these five trends that could come to fruition in 2020.



Dye sublimation printers not only supersize prints but create beautifully detailed output for a variety of purposes, from event graphics to those oversized checks for lottery winners. On the downside, the more detail the print requires, the slower the printing. Using high-end photo paper or canvas, which require more ink, things slow down even further.



Wide-format sublimation printers can work with plain, heavy bond, and photographic paper and automatically adjust how much ink is used to prevent bleed-through and missed spots. Many go a step further with the ability to print on less common stock, like film for back lit advertising or vinyl for an outdoor banner or poster. Some devices can even print on textiles for an old-master look or to simulate what a new textile would look like.


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