Do You Know The Working Process Of Heat Press Machine?



In a roller heat press, the working process is uncontrolled when the press is opened. Upon lifting the top-section textile, the paper may be lifted simultaneously and in a split second the gassed inks deposit on the textile, destroying the sharp image.



When determining heating equipment width, there are two considerations the size of the sublimation printer and the future requirements to what will be produced. Often a decorator will choose to purchase a calender heat press that is wider than their current printer in anticipation of growth and changes in the market.



Large format heat presses should distribute even pressure and accurate heat across the entire platen area. Heat recovery also must be quick and within five degrees of the set temperature. Failure to maintain heat means inferior applications.but you should also pay attention to transfer paper and textile alignment. we believes a sharp print is the result of a high resolution design and printer, as well as a transfer process where the alignment between the paper and the textile is perfect.


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