How To Make Your Sublimation Paper Run Smoothly?


In a very dense design, using a light weight sublimation paper causes paper not to run smoothly on machine and printing press and also causes printing problems because of the swellings in the paper. However, the moving parts of the printing machine can be damaged due to the weakness of the paper. Sublimation printing is the direct change of a body from a solid to a gaseous state. Dye-sublimation inks are aqueous. These are heated to about 200°C by microresistances distributed on the printhead. The inks thus pass instantly from a solid to a gaseous state and are then projected onto the media. On contact they cool down and revert to their solid state.



It is very important that these values must be properly run on paper printing machines and must work in the press well. Certainly, it must not have undesirable substances such as dust spots on the paper. Tears, deformations at the edge of the paper can cause great harm to the printing heads. Paper thickness must be determined based on the density of the pattern and amount of ink to be used in the pattern.


Sublimation ink and paper conformity is also very important. When using different ink and paper, ink pulses of the printing machine must be set again by qualified service personnel according to changed items.



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