Do You Want Personalize Your Products By Sublimation Paper



Thanks to the digital printing with the highest level of flexibility, you can personalize your products as much as you like and you can add value to your business. Unlike conventional printing methods, sublimation printing gives you whatever design, image and color you want. Your creativity is the only limit!



As you know, polyester fabric must be used for sublimation paper printing. As polyester is the most common fibre used in sportswear, it works well with sublimation printing. Since sublimation ink does not sit on top of the fabric and the ink is absorbed into fabric, no residual dye particles remain on your fabric. It is thus possible to get more durable sportswear images.


Sublimation printing onto fabric allows you to bring your logos, visuals, designs and patterns to life however you like- be it vibrant colors, degrade colors or fluorescence colors. What’s more, no additional cost is required. The main working principle of the sublimation printing is based on transformation of solid ink particles directly into gaseous state. When the heat is removed, the sublimated ink turns back into a solid form leaving the ink embedded into the garment. Thus, it protects the print from discoloration. You can also use whichever color and pattern you prefer, and thereby create your customized sportswear. By means of sublimation printing, you can get vibrant colors and exceptional quality of detail as well.



After printing, you can make any addition or retouch. As the sublimation ink becomes a part of the material used and does not sit on the top of the surface, any additional procedure can be easily performed. You can also incorporate stone dressing, embroidery or foil effects into the final product, yielding higher profit and personalized outputs.