What Can Be Printed through Dye Sublimation Printing?

1. Any substrate or surface treated with polymer-based spray
Any product that has a polymeric base should be printable using dye sublimation. This would exclude nylon, cotton, wool, leather, wood, etc. These polymeric items must also withstand high heat, which will exclude a lot of plastics with the exception of reinforced plastics, such as fiberglass reinforced plastics.
The last exclusion would be anything of dark coloration, such as pre-colored fabrics or other viable polymeric substrates. Bright or “true” white substrates work best for sublimation printing. Light colors are not forbidden, but you will lose 15-25% of your color gamut, depending on the color (light tans or grays or the like).
There are white and/or clear polymer base coat products that can be sprayed or printed onto various substrates such as wood, leather, glass, and much more that will allow you to transfer a dye sublimated print to one or more of these items. Items that are now being dye sublimated after being treated with polymer base coatings include snowboards, skate boards , skis, mugs, mouse pads, glass, leather, wood products, metal, badges, awards using some of the above materials, signs, photographic plaques, and more.
2. Printable Fabrics suitable for dye sublimation printing
Outdoor Banners with stands There are also many printable fabrics that can be printed using dye sublimation printing, but they don’t require the base coat spray as they’re already polymer-based, can withstand high heat, and are normally white in color.
3. Microfiber style fabrics
Sublimation printing is also used for microfiber style fabrics that can wick moisture away from the body, and the printing will not inhibit moisture wicking like all other printing will do on athletic or exercise clothing products.
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