New Ribbon Heat Press Machine On Stock Now!



Our ribbon heat press machine was design feeding the ribbon from the down side by the holder into the roller drum with same speed together with sublimation paper. make sure it's continues working. holder length is 1.5 meter, also we accept custom the length size.



Lanyard heat transfer machine is suitable for heat press printing of both roll materials and sheet materials as well as sublimation transfer of lanyards, ribbons, belts, weddings, laces, zippers, strap, dog collars, dog harness shoes belt, pet belt, bundling belt, shoulder strap,etc. Beyond that, it particularly works well on continuous transfer of lanyards, which can meet the customers' needs of mass production.



Use the computer to devise the designed pattern, print it on the specific transfer paper through digital printer by using sublimated ink, and then become transfer printing paper. Let the transfer paper which has design cling to the lanyard and feed together into the roller lanyard heat press machine. Through high temperature and high pressure,sublimation ink on the transfer paper will transfer to lanyard by pneumatics, printing is completed and tailor the printed fabric to become lanyards.


Any Interest for the Ribbon heat press machine, pls feel free to contact me!