What's The Effect of Temperature on Sublimation Ink?

As a result of seasonal change, a lot of studios turn on air conditioning when working. When inkjet printer works, air conditioning is commonly turned up or turned down a bit. The change in temperature has an important effect on the ink of an inkjet printer. Today we bring the low temperature on the impact of sublimation ink.
Under the influence of temperature, the thinness of ink will change. It is a physical phenomenon, but the change is the form, the essence is not changed.
The ink becomes thicker and the viscosity becomes larger. However, it is recommended not to use thinner or varnish to pour into the ink to reconcile and change its consistency. Because when users use these additives to adjust the dye sublimation ink, you do not know the total amount of additives that can be accommodated by the ink, which is easy to exceed the amount, which will affect the performance of the ink and affect the print quality.
The solution to ink thickening caused by temperature is as follows:
1. Put the original ink in a warm place and let it slowly heat up and return to its original state.
2. In case of emergency use, external heating can be carried out with boiled water.
3. Finally suggest that we keep the inkjet printer work place around 27 ° C.
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