What Are the Factors Related to the Dryness And Slowness of Sublimation Ink?

Do you know the ink drying speed of the inkjet printer is related to which factors? Today, we are going to have a brief analysis of it. The main factors are the below:
1. Ink type. What are the factors related to the dryness and slowness of the sublimation printer ink? Compared with the water-based ink, the Eco solvent ink is volatile, so the drying rate is faster, the printing screen is bright and beautiful  the color is bright, and the film can be outdoors for a long time. In water-based dye ink solvent is water, its volatilization rate is slower than organic solvent, difficult to dry, it often takes a long time to dry or use the drying equipment.
2. Consumables. The consumable material of the damp is soft  to collapse, the inkjet will have the feeling of ink, will soon become unshaped. What are the factors related to the dryness and slowness of the sublimation printer ink? Especially for printers that use dye ink, because of its own strong affinity with water, ink droplets will quickly mix and reduce volatilization speed.
3. Environmental conditions. Especially rainy humid south, the climate characteristics of the serious influence printer and material performance, cause after printing out the figure wet, although pictorial printer Eco solvent ink is not compatible with water, pictorial printer ink drying speed is related to what factors? However, if the water vapor concentration is too high, it can also hinder the volatilization of the organic solvent, causing the surface of the printing object to form a water mist, causing the ink to be sticky and not fit.
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