So Important that Environmental Impact Your Sublimation Printer



A wide format sublimation printer will be a significant investment for your company, and you deserve to feel like you’re making the absolute right decision.

Throughout your search, don’t hesitate to ask for product samples, demonstrations or references for each of the brands and models you’re considering. And don’t forget to look into the reseller too! They will be your partner throughout your ownership of the dye sublimation printer and you’ll want to make sure they will be there for you when it comes to training, support, servicing and more.


How you buy the ink can be an environmental factor. If you have high production volumes, it will make sense to purchase bulk ink containers as opposed to buying and throwing away small ink cartridges every other day.

It can also help you in the long-run to explore what the running costs of your wide format printer will be. Some brands and models may call for more up-time or an air conditioning unit for cooling, which means higher energy costs and more money spent on utility bills.


Have questions on where to get started in your wide format inkjet printer search? Or, want our expert opinion on a specific brand or model? Feel free to reach out to our team!