How Do You Think the Most Important Part For A Dye Sublimation Printer




In case of the colored panels, varying temperatures are used on different colors to vaporize the desired quantity of dye and to permeate the glossy card surface where it is bonded onto the plastic surface.


Because dye sublimation printing causes the powdery dye to turn from a solid state directly to a gaseous state, there is little or no mess when compared with inkjet printers. Also, because the dye is infused onto the surface, it is less prone to distorting and fading over time.


For a sublimation printer, the printer head is very important part. A print-head with hundreds of different heater elements is utilized by the thermal printing process to transfer different amounts of colored dyes onto the printing paper. Each individual heater is controlled separately by software in order to enhance the picture quality.


Dye sublimation printer creates clear, high-quality images and has proven to be a significant marketing tool for many businesses. Contact our dye sublimation paper supplier today to equip your business with the marketing tools it needs to succeed in today’s world.


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