How About Our Inkjet Printing Technologies Used To Print Fabrics?


There are a number of different inkjet printing technologies used to print fabrics and textiles. One of the most common—and the one that is getting the most attention these days—is digital dye sublimation. What is dye digital sublimation printing, and what do you need to take advantage of the technology?

As most people in the digital inkjet textile printing world know, the finishing touches put on any print project are what really draws the attention of a client. Trying to manually finish the pieces you print out might be a good idea if you are working on a high-value project for a customer who is willing to pay a premium price; however, if you are in the volume business and need to finish up pieces quickly, manual finishing is generally not a viable option.


Above, when we look at sublimation textile printing, we see that dye-sublimation printing has become the go-to technology for digitally printed fabrics. However, it’s not suitable for every fabric, nor is it suitable only for textile printing. So need have a closer look at dye-sublimation printing.


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