How About the High Quality Image Print By Sublimation Printer


Most of new sublimation machine buyer friends will ask this question. Especially, the time they purchase digital inkjet machine. And question the related costs of print square meter advertisement image.


Now the sublimation inkjet printing industry is developing rapidly. There are rising many small and medium-sized companies and advertising sign shops in the market. Moreover, with the development of China digital printing technology, our inkjet printers are much competitive than Western brands. No matter technology and performance, stability, print speed, our digital inkjet printer are more affordable equipment for small and medium-sized advertising companies. The ROI is higher than ever before. So, sign business owner are trying to obtain profits by controling of production costs.


One of the major benefits of sublimation printer is the ability to print high-quality images on some unusual surfaces. For instance, if you run the marketing for a theme park and you want all of the park trash cans to be wrapped with images of attractions in the park. Dye sublimation can be used on metals such as aluminum or even plastics.


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