How To Conform That The Sublimation Paper You Use Is the Good One



Sublimation paper printing uses heat to transfer the dyes onto the fabrics. There are two ways to do this: one is to print onto a transfer paper and then transfer the image to the fabric using heat and pressure. The second involves printing the image directly onto the fabric.Here are some essential factors that can help you find the finest quality sublimation paper:


Transfer rate

Sublimation paper must have a high transfer rate. This makes substrate more beautiful and saves more ink. In order to achieve a successful printing job, your transfer paper should carry a at least 95% transfer ratio.



A good sublimation paper is one that can seamlessly absorb sublimation ink.


Drying speed

Along with ink absorption, the paper must have a high drying speed. If it takes a long time to dry, manufacturers may face delays in delivery.




A heat transfer paper must be stable. You can ask the paper supplier to send you a sample to gauge the stability of the paper.



Does the paper wrinkle when printed? If yes then this is a sign of inferior quality transfer paper.


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