New Sublimation Printer For Your New Start Business!


A fully integrated sublimation printing system offers many ways to make your production routine more efficient and save you money. Sublimation printer and sublimation ink are optimised to print faster and save ink, while producing the best colours possible


Dye sublimation printing technology familiarity, than the field of office inkjet, printing technology. But its in the photo output, the transfer of the fabric and the cup has a unique advantage, especially in the photo print effect, the image resolution is very high, the color transition is natural, easy to save and other advantages, as many color digital photo printing the industry's preferred way to print.



The source of color dyes is the ribbon, generally divided into yellow, goods, green three with a protective film or yellow, goods, green, black four ribbons. he ribbon is provided on a drum with tens of thousands of semiconductor heating elements on which the print head is made of these heating elements. At a certain temperature when the ribbon through the thermal print head, the direct sublimation into a gaseous, and then spray to the print media to form color.


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