Protect Yourself Away From The Coronavirus




A facial mask is a must-have if you need to go out to purchase some necessities. Of course, you should keep at more than 1m away from others. Here below are several options for you, including the activated carbon, 3M, and disposable facial mask.



It’s recommended to sanitize the entire room or even the entire home every day. Here are a total of one thousand 84 disinfectant tablets. They are suitable for preservation and can be resolved in the water quickly so that you can get 84 disinfectant liquid whenever you want.

As we know, most people get infected with the coronavirus because of the family gathering or family member. Undoubtedly, personal hygiene matters, and it’s recommended to wash hands carefully for at least 20 seconds each time. The liquid soap dispenser can avoid the slightest contact when you’re washing hands.


If and need for the face mask like N95, KN95 or 3 ply face mask, pls feel free to contact me!