Professional Sublimation Paper With the Impressive Output Quality



Now that you know about the main types of digital transfer papers out there, let’s talk about substrates. Each of these processes are appropriate for specific types of substrates. Standard inkjet and transfer papers have binding agents that help the ink bond to the surface of the given substrate.


They usually work well for cotton and cotton blend fibers, but not necessarily with polyester and rarely for hard-surface products. If you are able to successfully transfer inkjet or laser prints onto polyester, you may not get the color vibrancy or longevity that is desired.

sublimation paper

The dye sublimation transfer process is known for impressive output quality, as well as the lasting bond it forges through sublimation between ink and fabric. However, it does require the added step of printing to dye sublimation paper.

where the sublimation process occurs directly on the fabric; and transfer dye-sub, when a graphic is first printed onto sublimation paper and then sublimated into the fibers of the fabric with an external heat press.

dye sublimation printing

We often focus on the printing technologies and the inks that enable dye-sub, but here we look at the sublimation transfer paper that makes the transfer dye-sub process possible. This media is coated to carry an image printed with dye-sub inks so that it can be transferred to the final media when heated.


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