Application of Wide Format Inkjet Printers in Various Fields

Wide format inkjet printers are closely related to the advertising industry and are widely used, such as posters, car stickers, personalized decorative paintings, etc. Nowadays, the advertising industry is flourishing, and the printer industry also rises with the tide, occupying an important part of life. Various promotional materials printed by large format inkjet printers can be seen everywhere.
Large supermarkets and shopping malls are a gathering place for all kinds of advertising materials, and all kinds of creative individual promotional materials are available everywhere. Large format inkjet printers have great advantages in realizing the printing output of high-precision advertising images both inside and outside the home. At the same time, they print different publicity materials according to different display locations. For example, the movable back glue on the elevator door, the lapel in front of the supermarket, the lamp-cloth floor painting advertisement in the door, the poster tag hanging on the ceiling and the photo paper advertisement in front of all kinds of products. All sorts of product publicity posters are displayed directly in front of the public, grab a person’s attention.
In addition to being used as advertising in major supermarkets and shopping malls, large format inkjet printers are also the most popular in the field of personalization. Currently, personalized decoration is mainly used in the home decoration industry. With the continuous improvement of the national living standard, people also pay more and more attention to household decoration. In order to make their home more comfortable and beautiful, people use various wallpaper, oil canvas, hanging pictures, frame paintings, etc. to adorn the home.
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