How Important Of The Sublimation Transfer Product

How Important Of The Sublimation Transfer Product
sublimation transfer paperThe approach of sublimation transfer has been sought after by way of many manufacturers, however sublimation transfer paper providing is an vital source of income for manufacturers. The fast upward jostle of home general-purpose thermal transfer paper components has put a lot of strain on producers of digital printing printers, however in accordance to the characteristics of thermal transfer paper, what is the difference between accepted thermal transfer paper resources and unique thermal transfer paper supplies? Where is it?
1.Classification of thermal transfer paper ink
There are two important types of ink: if classified with the aid of shade base, inks can be divided into dye-based inks, which are dye-based inks, and are currently used by means of most thermal switch papers. The pigment-based ink is pigment-based ink. If inks are exotic according to solvents, they are divided into water-based inks use water and water-soluble solvents as the essential elements of dissolved shade bases. Oil-based inks use a water-insoluble solvent as the primary thing to dissolve the coloration base.The above standards move each other in authentic use. For example, some pigment inks may additionally be water-based inks or oil-based inks. However, from the nature and the true requirements of the printer, water-based inks and oil-based inks have to no longer be blended in the identical print head.dye sublimation ink
2, Shelf life of sublimation transfer ink
The shelf life of the ink is commonly two years. The protection of the ink is required to be sealed, keep away from direct sunlight, and the temperature ought to now not be too high or too low (normal room temperature is sufficient).Influence elements of printing effect and print head performance.
3, Viscosity and floor tension
Viscosity is the resistance of liquid flow, and the floor anxiety of the liquid is associated to the formation of droplets. Generally speaking, inkjet inks should have a low viscosity and excessive floor anxiety to make sure precise waft overall performance and droplet shape. So as to better integrate with sublimation transfer paper.
Be positive to pay interest to this when buying popular sublimation switch paper consumables.
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