The Introduction Of Different Sublimation Transfer Paper

The Introduction Of Different Sublimation Transfer Paper  
dye sublimation paperSublimation transfer paper which has a special coating, allowing it to be used with professional(sublimation) inks. When used properly you can get excellent quality transfers on a large number of materials. Prints will be more colorful and bright. Special Coated Transfer Paper is used for metal, polyester fabric, polyester, spandex, icewire, woven fabrics, Lycra, Oxford cloth, and other synthetic materials, and blended fabrics(cotton containing not more than 30%). Suitable for mugs, ceramic plates, sports wear, mouse pads, pillow cases, advertisement flags and etc.
There are three type of sublimation paper:
Fast-dry sublimation transfer paper
The quick-dry sublimation switch paper is the important consumable of the sublimation transfer process. The sample is printed on the paper by means of a digital inkjet machine, and the cloth and the patterned switch paper are bonded at a temperature of 180-230 ° C. The pattern can be transferred and constant to the cloth by warm urgent for 10-30 seconds.
1. There are many types of fast-dry sublimation paper, which can be customized according to product specifications, material substances and patterns. We provide 35 to one hundred grams, from 610mm to 1820mm (24 inches to seventy two inches) wide, from 100 meters to 7000 meters of sublimation switch paper;
2, Quick-dry sublimation paper printing coloration is bright, the switch price is up to 95%, the drying speed is fast, the paper is flat, there is no warping edge, the use is very clean and stable;
Quick-dry sublimation paper can be printed on cloth, bags, mouse pads, T-shirts, curtains, cycling suits, socks, laces, umbrellas, velvet toys, mugs, steel photos, signs and other personalised products.
heat transfer paper
Adhesive sublimation paper
The sublimation adhesive transfer paper is a switch printing for elastic fabric. During the heating and urgent process, the paper and the material can be adhered, but the glue does no longer stay on the fabric after peeling, and does now not affect the feel and exceptional of the fabric. Printing of high-end personalised products.
1. The gram weight of the adhesive paper is 75/100/105 grams, and the length of each transfer paper is a hundred meters;
2. The printing and drying velocity of adhesive paper is quite slow, and it requires a best production process;
3.During the transfer process, do not stretch the material to stop the sample from being deformed.
Wide-format sublimation transfer paper
Wide-width sublimation transfer paper refers to transfer paper with a paper width of 1820 or more, max 3.2m, which is a extensive transfer paper. The improvement of wide-width switch paper is specifically for the printing of the home material industry, such as curtains, sheets, quilt covers, curtains and so on.
1. The width of the super-sublimation transfer paper is 90 grams and one hundred grams, and the transfer paper size per roll is a hundred or a hundred and fifty meters;
2. Due to the large width of the paper, there are restrictions on transportation and the minimal order quantity.
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