How To Maintain The Print Head in A Right Way In Winter?

The weather in Nanjing is colder and colder these days. The temperature in winter will affect the operation of print head. While do you know how to maintain your print head in a right way and how to let it keep the high working efficiency in such cold weather? Read the following and I will share you more.
1. Temperature
The lower the temperature, the most common phenomenon is “false nozzle blocking”, that is “broken”, the individual print nozzle for the same ink, the decrease of temperature, the viscosity will be larger, the viscosity is too large, when high-speed printing is likely to “break”, many advertising companies use inkjet printer, it is blocking the nozzle however, after cleaning, immediately to normal, not how long would be repeated, customers will think is the ink quality problem.
The second is the absorption of ink and the problem of dry impatience. The temperature is too low, which is not conducive to the absorption of ink by the coating of the spray medium, but also is not conducive to the volatilization of the ink. It causes the phenomenon of “heap of ink”.
The “dry” and “wet” is measured by the relative humidity “,” how much is that relative humidity is not entirely in the air to form gaseous water (“absolute humidity”), but also depends on the temperature, the absolute humidity “under constant temperature, the relative humidity. Fall. Low temperature in winter, whether it is heating or air conditioning heating, the relative humidity will drop – drying.
Drying can cause ink to coagulate on the sprinkler head, causing the illusion of “clogging sprinkler”. In addition, dry environment is more likely to edge materials, especially PP paper. If they are careless, they will rub their heads. If they are serious, they will cause damage to sprinklers and motors.
3.Electrostatic and dust
The other result of relative humidity reduction is the increase of electrostatic and dust. The first culprit is caused by electrostatic electronic products burned, because most afraid of electrostatic integrated circuit. The general indoor environment, especially the use of air conditioners and carpets, is especially easy to burn out the circuit board and the sprinkler nozzle in winter.
Static electricity will lead to a decline in the quality of printing, the printing media are insulated, inkjet printers without anti-static measures are good, or not ground, ink droplets ejected due to static electricity will deviate from the direction, resulting in “flying” or “splash ink” phenomenon, the printing quality will decline.
Dust, including fiber on the inkjet material, is also easily attached to the surface of the material, and further adheres to the surface of the sprinkler under the action of static electricity, resulting in printing quality problems.
We must take precautions, be sure to do machine cleaning and maintenance, to ensure that the work area of suitable temperature (20-28 degrees) and relative humidity (40%-70%).
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