Roland VersaStudio BN-20 Desktop Inkjet Printer/Cutter

Roland VersaStudio BN-20 Desktop Inkjet Printer/Cutter 
roland BN20 printer
The BN-20 packs everything into one, powerful, profit-producing package. With award-winning eco-solvent inks including metallic and white options, a range of material compatibility and integrated contour cutting, the BN-20 is easily the most versatile print device in its class. The BN-20 is perfect for creating t-shirt graphics, poster prints, stickers and decals – all from the comfort of your desktop.


Printing method / Cutting method Piezoelectric inkjet / Grit roller feed
Acceptable media Width 150 to 515 mm (5.9 to 20.3 in.)
Thickness Printing: Maximum 1.0 mm with liner
Cutting: Maximum 4 mm with liner
Roll Weight Maximum 6 kg (13.2 lbs)
Roll Outer Diamater Maximum 150 mm (5.9 in)
Core Diamater 50.8 mm (2 in) or 76.2 mm (3 in) cores
Printing/cutting width1 Maximum 480 mm (18.9 in)
Ink cartridges Type
Ink Cartridges Type & Capacity Roland ECO-SOL MAX

5 Color – CMYK+Mt (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, 

Black and Metallic Silver) or CMYK+Wh 

(Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black, and White)

4 Color - CMMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black)
Printing resolution Max 1440 dpi
Cutting Blade Type Roland CAMM-1 series cutter blade
Blade Offset Fixed at 0.250 mm
Cutting speed 0.4 (10 mm/s) to 5.9 in/s (150 mm/s)
Blade force 30 to 300gf

Software resolution

 (when cutting)

0.000984 in/step (0.025 mm/step)

Distance accuracy 

(when printing)2,3

Error of less than ± 0.3 % of distance traveled, 

or ± 0.3mm (0.012 in), whichever is greater.

Distance accuracy (when cutting)2,4

Error of less than ± 0.4 % of distance traveled, 

or ± 0.3mm (0.012 in), whichever is greater.

Repetition accuracy (When cutting)2,5 ±0.004 in (± 0.1mm) or less

Alignment accuracy for printing

 and cutting2,6

±0.020 in (± 0.5mm) or less

Alignment accuracy for printing

 and cutting when reloading media2,7

Error of less than ± 0.5% of distance traveled, 

or ± 0.012 in (3mm), whichever is greater

Print Heater Temperature8 Fixed at 95o F (35oC)
Connectivity USB 2.0
Power-saving function

Automatic sleep feature 

 AC 100 to 240V ± 10%, 1.5 A, 50/60 Hz

Power Consumption During Operation Approx. 90 W
Sleep Mode Approx. 5.5 W
Acoustic Noise Level During Operation 62 dB (A) or less
During Standby 42 dB (A) or less

995 W x 585 D x 291 H mm 

(39.2" W x 23" D x 11.5" H), 

35kg (79.4 lbs)

Operating Conditions Power on

Temperature: 68o - 90o F (20 to 32o C), 

humidity: 35 - 80% RH (non condensing)

Power off

Temperature: 41o - 104o F (5 to 40o C), 

humidity: 20 - 80% RH (non condensing)

Included Items

Power cord, USB cable, blade, 

blade holder, Rolandsoftware Package9,

 Software RIP,User's Manual, etc


Integrated printing and cutting in a 20-inch desktop inkjet
Tshirt printing machine and tshirt printing press
Sign making machine
Eco-Sol MAX ink in CMYK, CMYK+Mt (Metallic Silver) or CMYK+W (White)
Roland automated Ink Circulation System for economical operation
USB interface
Compatible with Windows® 7, Vista and XP operating systems
Supports popular Windows design software including CorelDRAW® and Adobe® Illustrator®
Energy Star® Certified
Bundled software
Roland VersaWorks® RIP software
R-Works design software
Windows driver
Roland OnSupport online production monitor
Vibrant Heat Transfers
Custom Labels
Eye-Catching Decals
Contour Cut Window Graphics