Why is the Digital Printer Easy to Block the Print Head in Winter?(1)

I believe that the friend who used digital printer is no stranger to the phenomenon of the nozzle being blocked. In fact, the principle of the dye sublimation printer is the same as that of the ordinary desktop printer. It is inkjet technology. However, why is it easy to block the print head in the winter, and today we will give you an analysis of the situation!
digital printer
Several common causes of analysis can easily cause printhead blockage:
First, the ink problem, for example, the ink is too much outside the right area, which is more common, and one of the most likely causes of print head blockage. Because the ink will volatilize and dry after coming into contact with the air, after the print head is ejected, there may be residual ink on the surface of the print head and the medium. Since the ink will form a solid after drying, if it is not cleaned or cleaned in time, it will be long. If it is, it is easy to form a blockage. On the other hand, the viscosity of the ink is too high or too low, which may cause clogging of inkjet printer. The viscosity of the ink is too high, so that the fluidity of the ink is poor, and the amount of ink ejected by the nozzle per unit time is insufficient; the viscosity of the ink is too low, that is, too thin. It is easy to take in air when the piezoelectric crystal is pumped back in the  hole, and the ink can not be sucked, so that the air is ejected; both of them cause the print head to not emit ink.
digital sublimation printingSecond, the replacement of different inks, because different manufacturers produce different ink components, no more cleaning nozzles and pipes when replacing, so the original residual ink and the replacement ink are mixed together to form the ink drying and other unknown chemical reactions tend to clog the print head of inkjet digital printer.
There are two factors that will be shared in the article of tomorrow.  Any question, please contact us. Thank you for your reading.