Digital Printing Ink in Winter

Lower temperatures in winter will increase the viscosity of the digital printing ink while reducing the fluidity. Increasing the temperature can increase the fluidity of the ink rapidly, but the viscosity of the ink does not decrease rapidly due to the increase in temperature.
digital printing inkThe higher viscosity of the ink will damage the piezoelectric ceramic inside the nozzle and cause the phenomenon of nozzle fatigue, such as vertical lines on the painting surface. In addition, the dry climate can also affect the normal use of ink. The textile printing ink solvent is a volatile liquid. When the air is dry, the volatilization speed will increase. The dye sublimation ink on the surface of the photo machine nozzle will dry quickly, causing the nozzle to clog. In the process of inkjet printing, the phenomenon of flying ink and frequent disconnection and inkjet skew occurs. If you do not pay attention to the maintenance of the photo machine nozzle, it may damage the nozzle. Therefore, indoor humidification in winter is very important. Under normal circumstances, there is heating in the winter in the north. In this environment, the indoor relative humidity can only be maintained at about 20%, which is obviously not enough for the relative humidity of 40% required for equipment and ink.
textile printing ink When the sublimation printing ink with good fluidity is used in a low temperature environment, it does not cause frequent ink breakage due to high speed printing. Of course, we can improve the ink flow by increasing the ink temperature. There are two good methods: one is the ink tank heating method, which is to add a temperature control device to the secondary ink cartridge, and some people simply use the ink cartridge. Adding a light bulb to the bottom is not bad. Another method is to warm the ink tank to increase the temperature of the ink.
In summary, in the winter, we must take precautions to avoid the cost of replacing the nozzles. Any question, please contact us. Thank you for your reading.