Higher Resolution of Dye Sublimation Printer Means?

The resolution of the dye sublimation printer determines the fineness of the printed image, which directly affects the quality of the printed product.  The resolution of the printer is also an important indicator for judging the print quality of the dye sublimation printer: the higher the resolution, the clearer the printed pattern is. At present, there are more and more types of large format printers in the market of sublimation printing. At this time, in consideration of the print load and speed, the user needs to consider whether the print quality of the printer can meet its own requirements. So, today's article is going to share if higher resolution means better products?

dye sublimation printer

Based on our experience, the print resolution should be set according to the actual situation, not the higher the better. For example, the highest output resolution of the digital sublimation printer is now 2880×2880dpi. In theory, 2880 dots of ink will be placed in the horizontal direction of the material in the horizontal direction. Because the material may be too saturated with the absorption of sublimation ink, the ink is connected into one piece. Instead, the print resolution is reduced. Therefore, the theoretical point refers to the capacity limit that printers can achieve, but in fact, it depends on the cooperation of materials. The better the ink absorption of the material, the more independent dots can be placed in each inch. If the material used cannot be used, Supporting the highest resolution selected, there will be a situation in which adjacent ink dots are blended into one piece, thereby affecting the printing effect.


wide format sublimation printerIf the large format sublimation printer wants to avoid the above factors to achieve the highest resolution printing, it is necessary to do the coating pretreatment on the surface of the object to be printed. The role of the coating is to absorb ink, adsorb and carry the ink, so that the ink droplets perfectly present the image on the coating, so the larger the DPI value, the finer the printed pattern and the better the effect. If the material is printed with high precision and the ink is scattered, or the outline of the image is blurred, it is related to the carrying capacity of the coating, and it is necessary to replace the suitable coating.


Therefore, higher resolution of sublimation printer doesn't mean we can get a better work. Any question, please contact us. Our team will provide you with the best service and product! Thank you for your reading.