How To Choose Print Heads from Common Use In Current Market?

There are several kinds of print heads in current market like Epson DX5, DX7, XP600, TX800, Epson 5113 print head and so on. The nozzle is the most important part of the digital printing machine and the main consumables,which plays a decisive role in the selection of digital printing machines. Let's have an introduction to these common print heads in the market.
1.Epson DX5
DX5 print head is the most stable, common-used and recognized printhead in the market. But the price is much too high owing to insufficient supply. Thus, it is gradually replaced by XP600 in Economy-model digital printers.
2.Epson DX7
DX7 It is once popular as a replacement of DX5, but failed due to higher price caused by lack of supply.
3.Epson TX800 (Aka: DX8/ DX10)
TX800 is an alternative to XP600, unfortunately, Epson already stopped production for this model. As a result, many second-hand TX800 are found in the market. Not recommended
4.Ricoh Print Heads
Ricoh has over 40 years history of Inkjet technology experience. In recent years, inkjet applicationsare increasingly expanding to include label, packaging, textile, 3D modeling, food and medical. Ricohprovides a range of printheads with high durability, high resolution, high productivity to meet customers various needs.
The choice of nozzles should take into account factors such as the type of printed fabric cost estimation, production efficiency requirements, etc. The print nozzle as the main consumable should alsofully consider the cost and durability of replacement.
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