Do You Really Know About sublimation transfer paper?

Do You Really Know About sublimation transfer paper?
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    When we talk about sublimation transfer paper, we alsways confuse inkjet heat transfer paper and sublimation transfer paper, even many people think these two products are same. but as professional manufacturer, Fei Yue Paper tells you that they are competely different, whatever from its suitable printer, fabric, ink.
    So, let's talk about Heat Transfer sublimation Paper (For light & dark t- shirts): hot peel heat transfer paper can be used with any brand/model inkjet printer (ie: Epson, Canon, HP, Lexmark, Etc). Transfer time is fast, 15-25S with heat transfer machine. These prints will not peel or crack, they're extremely durable in the wash and have a soft hand. it's advantages are fast heat transfer, high transfer rate, long durable and Environment friendly. Our customers constantly tells us they have tried them all and they love this transfer paper. Apply with Home Iron or Heat Press! sublimation paper for fabric
Note: Just suiatble for pure cotton fabric. use pigment ink rather than sublimation ink.
Our inkjet heat transfer paper features:
1. Specially made for light and dark pure cotton fabric  
2. Easily transfers with a household iron, also can works with heat press machine 
3. Superior color reproduction( Transfer rate is up to 98%)
4. Dimensions: A3, A4, in rolls 
5. Creates a thin, soft transfer 
6. Machine washable & dryable 
7. Minimal to no fading or cracking
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