New Ideas about Digital Sublimation Printing With Dye Sublimation Paper



With the popularity of sublimation on the rise, manufacturers have risen to the task of developing new sublimation-friendly supplies. While 100 percent polyester shirts used to be a rarity, they are now available from most large supply houses. Aside from the time-tested coffee mug, newer items include: Neck ties, aprons, magnets, ornaments, decorative plaques, lighters, picture frames, ID tags, flags, banners, key fobs, and a host of other items--all treated or manufactured to accept sublimation.



Firstly, you should know that sublimation paper printing and transferring is just a release liner printed with sublimation dyes is sandwiched between a heat press and the item to be printed. The heat causes the dyes to turn into a gas, and pressure helps to transfer the image onto the item. Also the dye sublimation printing fills a market gap for short-run printing of mugs, shirts, gift items and promotional goods.


The sublimation process is limited to printing on certain synthetic surfaces, called substrates. Fabrics must have a high polyester content, and hard goods require a special polymer surface. Because of the translucent nature of sublimation dyes, goods should be white in color.



Heat transfer paper has been used on an industrial scale for some time now, mainly for the decoration of bulk fabric to be sewn into clothing, tablecloths, curtains and bed linens. The ability of sublimation to print complex multicolor designs easily and cheaply has made it a preferred fabric-decorating method for specialty designs and products in instances in which large quantities are not desired.


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