Share You the 8 Considerations for Wide-Format Sublimation Printing(二)



Yesterday we have introduce you the 4 tips of the considerations for wide format sublimation printing, today we will share you the last 4 tips.


Print beyond your substrate

This is also known as a bleed area. Allow for extra print to go beyond the substrate. This will save you in the long run on misprints and time aligning your image. If possible, add a marker at the top-center of your transfer. This simple marker will assist you when you are aligning your dye inkjet sublimation transfer to the substrate.



Keep a log

Recording a log of all the time, temperature, and pressure settings for various substrates is beneficial, especially if you are printing onto many different substrates. You'll quickly learn that keeping a log and notes on the items onto which you are sublimating will save you both time and money in the long run.


Give yourself some room

Physical room, that is. In your workspace, you need elbow room to work with the larger sheets. When printing and laying out designs, many choose to consolidate the images to be as close together as possible. It’s okay to spread your images out as this gives you an easier transfer to work with.




Don’t sell yourself short

Pricing yourself below the competition isn’t the best way to do business. In the end, you will end up doing double the work to make the same profit as your competition. Consider value-based pricing, which is the idea of setting your prices based on consumers’ perceived value of your products and services. You provide them with a valuable service, and you should be compensated appropriately.


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