Do you Know the Average Cost of Digital Inkjet Ink?

Digital Inkjet ink plays a vital role in the process of sublimation printing which can produce vivid, full-color, photo-quality images that resist peeling, cracking, and washing away from various types of substrates. Here is a very common question about this ink: What is the average cost of printing with digital inkjet ink?
digital inkjet ink
Actually, due to all the different variables such as printer brand, whether you have a bulk ink system or not, artwork/print saturation, head-cleanings, etc., the cost can be difficult to calculate until you have all the data. 
Before making calculation, you need to identify what sort of production you will be engaged in. Will you print on garment fabrics? Will you manufacture sportswear or home textile outputs? The answers to these questions will play a key role in deciding your average cost of digital sublimation ink
Generally, digital textile printing ink costs come in at less than $0.01 per square inch though it varies depending on the inkjet printer. For example, one model will average $0.007 per square inch, thus an 8" x 10" image would have an ink cost of $0.56. Another model can average $0.009 per square inch, costing $0.72 for the same 8" X 10" image.
dye sublimation ink Additionally, for saving the ink, turn your printer on and run it a few times in a week.  And, you need to try to use it within six months of installation to avoid color shifting head clogs. At the very least, print some samples two or three times a week. 
For exact calculation, you can contact your distributor for the steps to retrieving the ink levels. And, our company is supplier and manufacturer of materials which are essential for sublimation transfer printing, such as sublimation transfer paper, dye sublimation ink... Any question, please contact us, and our team will provide you the best service. Thank you for your reading. :)