When We Need 80GSM Tacky Sublimation Paper?

As we all known, tacky sublimation paper is mainly applied to stretch materials like Lycra, polyester with spandex polyester with cotton(<30%) in sublimation transfer printing.  Especially designed for elastic textiles, no movemenrt between paper and fabric during transfer. The leval of tack depends on the fabric in use. Prior testing is required. However, do you know when we need 80gsm tacky sublimation paper?

tacky sublimation paper

Applications of 80GSM Tacky Sublimation Transfer Paper 
This weight of tacky sublimation roll paper suits for elastic textiles apparel such as lycra materials, swim and surfwear, cycling, running and ice hockey wear.
Advantages of 80GSM Sticky Sublimation Paper
(1. Sharp text and fine lines as there is no movement between paper and fabric
(2. Enhanced tack-effect to work with a wide range of spandex textiles.
(3. Maximum reduction of textile shrinkage can be achieved.
(4. No ghosting.
(5. Excellent stability and performance.
sticky sublimation paperSticky sublimation coating powder is specifically designed and developed for the elastic fabric transfer printing, to prevent the overlap of the pattern, deformation and other issues of elastic fabric in the process of transfer, resulting in a very low pass rate of transfer printing. This coating is mainly made up of high molecular polymer. Different with the fast dry paper, the special coating is water-based, so the sticky sublimation paper needs longer drying time. And there is one thing that you should know: the higher tackiness is, the slower the paper dries. Therefore, the 80gsm sticky sublimation transfer paper dries faster than heavy paper. :)
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