Advertisement Posts With Sublimation Digital Printing

Advertisement Posts With Sublimation Digital Printing
digital sublimation printing
     Dye sublimation printing is ideal for generating expense productive hanging banners for even the biggest point of sale promotion. It produces significantly better print resolution than screen print and gives a fantastic and contemporary alternative to paper, card or PVC.
    We have many different approaches of finishing the banners (see finishing selections) to enable them to be hung from ceilings, created freestanding or perhaps wall mounted. See poster hanging rails, poster displays and wall & ceiling mounted for further information regarding these aspects.
   The banners can be produced on a range of fabrics depending upon the finish required and the budget available. See fabrics available section. The fabric choice is often determined by the look required ¨C some like single sided banners whilst others prefer banners with a see-through nature where the print carries through to reverse showing a mirror image from the rear.
dye sublimation printing
   There are many fabrics available and you will see a variety of them below. They vary in many aspects but weight (shown in grams per square metre, gsm) fibre interaction and coatings are the main differences. It is not easy to show all of these differences using photographs but here is a selection of materials we offer where the variety is easier to see.
    In sublimation printing, distinctive sublimation dyes are transferred to sheets of sublimation transfer paper by implies of liquid gel ink by signifies of a piezoelectric print head. The dye sublimation ink is deposited on these high-release inkjet papers, that are produced use of for the following step of one's sublimation printing process. Right away soon after the digital design and style and style is printed onto sublimation transfer sheets, it can be actually placed on a heat press as well because the substrate to become sublimated.
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