Why Sublimation Paper Can be Used for Nylon, Polyester and Lycra?

As one of the most common application of sublimation printing, textile printing can be see all around us. The clothes you wear, the curtain in your house, the banner on the street…
Can sublimation transfer paper be used for all fabrics? The answer is No. Sublimation paper is mostly used in Nylon , Polyester, Lycra and other synthetic fabrics. Then have you wondered why? Nylon, Polyester, Lycra and other synthetic fabrics have a certain porous, that will open when meet high temperature and absorb the sublimation ink.
Besides, polyester material can not be colored or unable to be colored very well. When you print these fabric with traditional printing method, the color will fade in water when you wash it, because the colorful dye is staying at the surface of the textile.
At the same time, traditional printing method will let the fabric lose the beautiful luster after printing. Sublimation printing can help the fabrics keep the luster.
Next time when you get the Nylon, Polyester, Lycra and other synthetic and want to print them, then just choose the sublimation printing, it will help you print successfully.
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