The Methods of Textile Pritning with Sublimation Transfer Paper

The Methods of Textile Pritning with Sublimation Transfer Paper
   dye sublimation transfer paperTextile printing (heat transfer paper)is an art form that dates back hundreds of years. It’s the process of applying a pattern or image to a textile, and throughout history, people have developed a number of different methods of transferring beautiful patterns, images, and text onto fabric.
   Digital Textile Printing MethodsBelow are some of the most important examples of these methods!
   Digital Printing with Dye Sublimation Transfer Paper   
   This style of printing is somewhat like a highly specialized version of an office inkjet printer. This is the most modern printing technology, having been developed in just the last few decades.
   New improvements and refinements are still being engineered. Digital printing allows for very high quality images to be printed with great resolution. Another advantage is that it’s easier to produce short runs of a print, instead of having to commit to a very large order. sublimation transfer printing
   Stencil Printing
   In contrast to digital printing, stencil printing is one of the most technologically simple methods of heat transfer textile printing. However, it can still produce stunning results despite its simplicity.
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