Dye Sublimation Printing of Substrates Other Than Fabric

The opportunities available now with printing are endless; no longer are you limited to just printing on paper! With dye sublimation printing, there is a whole new world of possibilities for businesses or individuals looking to get creative with their printing. What are some of the new possibilities available for you to stick your logo or emblem on?

1. Glass

If you have a special design or symbol that you think would look amazing on a glass to drink out of, you now have the chance to make that idea come to life! Transferring sublimation printing prints onto glass is a great way to make personalized cups, whether for business or personal purposes. Any glass item, such as unfrosted pint glasses, vases, or other unique glass objects, could make the perfect gift or advertisement with a personalized logo printed on the front of it.

2. Metal

Transferring an image onto a flat metal sheet can be an incredibly unique way to display art or photographs in your home or business! This is a new, innovative way to capture anyone’s attention with the bright colors and high resolution that sublimation printing provides, along with the unique addition of a metal surface.

3. Ceramics

Ceramic mugs and plates would make a perfect gift or decoration with a photo that you took printed on them, or any other kind of image that holds some meaning! You can also transfer images to tiles for decoration in your home, as well as any other ceramic pieces that provide a flat surface for the sublimation printing to take place. Before purchasing your ceramic objects, ask about the type of glaze they may have on them, if any, and whether or not this will affect the quality of the sublimation dye.
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