How about the regular maintenance for dye sublimation printers?



With the add order for the sublimation printers, today we want to introduce you the regular maintenance for the dye sublimation inkjet printers.


When it comes to your dye sublimation printer think of regular maintenance as the printer's version of a vaccine. Doing daily nozzle checks and printer cleanings might be a bit of pain,  but that pain is nothing compared to the pain of a printer that doesn't print properly or print at all.  Regular maintenance will also help ensure that the printer runs when you need it to run.  You certainly don't receive a large job with a tight deadline only to find out that your printer won't print.

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If you're new to sublimation printing and want to make sure you're maintaining your printer properly. For those who are new to sublimation printing,  a print head check is a test print that is used to determine if all the heads in your printer are printing.   If one of the heads is clogged,  your final print may be of poor quality. Generally,  if you are experiencing any problems like faint output,  streaking or banding or color issues,  doing a nozzle check will help you find the source of your problem.


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Maintaining the right surroundings for your sublimation. One thing to keep in mind is that your sublimation printer needs to be separated from other equipment that might produce dust or lint that could clog the printer.  Many shops run both embroidery machines and sublimation printers successfully by ensuring that the machines are positioned so that one cannot pollute the working environment of the other. You also need ample space in which to prepare your substrates and to let them cool after pressing.

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