Factors That Improve Sublimation Printing

Factors That Improve Sublimation Printing
    Dye sublimation printing is the preffered digital printing technology for polyester and other synthetic fabrics and media. (It does not work on cotton or natural fabrics)
  sublimation printing Ordering a sublimation printing system means that you're going to get basically the same thing – a printer,  some ink,  some paper,  maybe some practice fabric,  maybe some blanks,  but the essentials won't vary all that much.   Prices may vary some,  depending on where and when you're buying,  but they most likely won't be all that different from place to place. Really,  when you're purchasing a sublimation system,  it's about the intangible extras, the things you can't really see or touch,  but which can make your shopping experience, and your subsequent sublimation experience, good or bad.   
   First,  look at fabric type.   Fabric type can make a difference because certain fabrics won't work well with certain printing disciplines.   Sublimation,  for instance,  only works on polyester.   It can be done on polyester blends,  but only if a distressed look is the end result.    dye sublimation printing
   On the other hand, screen printing on polyester can be problematic because of dye migration,  which means the ink bleeds into the fabric. Some of this can be avoided by using an underbase,  but it should be considered. If the fabric is cotton,  sublimation is out,  as it won't work on cotton. Screen printing or direct to garment printing would work,  it just depends on the sort of finished look the customer desires. 
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