Solutions to Image Quality Problems in Digital Printing

Solutions to Image Quality Problems in Digital Printing
sublimation printing
The color level of the pattern is not rich enough
The patterns are not rich enough, the level of color is usually manifested in the pattern of two lesions, the transition level is not natural, the expression of the tone is not strong, the level is softer due to the incorrect use of the dye ink or not suitable for the fabric.
inkjet printing changes the gradation of the color by the amount of drops ejected. As a point of jet printing. Dark color with a high density is not a problem. Sometimes a bit of a bad feeling. Or due to the mixing of additional color dots, it is easy to produce the sensation of dark color
and the intensity of the color to reduce the phenomenon, in order to solve the problem of the light color area. When using tones of two colors, double-color material to increase the density of the best.
sublimation printing
Another way is to mix colors in advance. The so-called "flat color" jet print. But there must be a color combination system and an automatic mixing system to support. And the color will be limited.
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