What Makes Up A Sublimation System?

   A sublimation system comes in a variety of configurations depending on the decorator’s product offerings and production volume. There are five main components to a typical sublimation system.
   dye sublimation printingA Computer - No matter the product or output, a computer with graphics software is necessary. Professional graphics software (either CorelDRAW Graphics Suite or Adobe Creative Suite) which have advanced color management settings and which allow for the use of custom color profiles (e.g. ICC profiles) are recommended.
Wide format systems may require RIP software (an advanced print driver which can be calibrated for color and
quality specifically based on your individual printer, sublimation ink set, paper and your final product).
   A Supported Inkjet Printer - Printer models come in a variety of print widths and ink configurations depending on the products you'll be making and your anticipated production volume. These commercial grade, "open ink" systems (ink is purchased in single or multiple liter containers and used to refill open cartridges) offer the most economical output costs for the business who is (a) producing large runs of sublimated products, (b) producing oversized products requiring a larger print size or (c) building custom sublimation products through "cut-and-sew" or other manufacturing techniques.
  Sublimation Inks dye sublimation printing
  A Heat Press - Again, depending on the products being made and output volume, there are a variety of heat presses to choose from. Clamshell and swing-away presses with larger platens offer versatility for sublimation larger products like t-shirts or more products at once like a six-piece tile mural or multiple plastic name badges. A mug press can deliver a sublimated ceramic mug in five minutes and – depending on volume – often makes sense for a decorator offering single or short-run mug orders. In addition, mugs and other cylindrical items can be produced in a standard convection oven with the use of heat wraps.
 Blank Sublimation-ready Products - There are literally thousands of blank substrates available to the sublimation decorator today from aluminum and brass, FRP, (Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic), hardboard, wooden products, stainless steel items, ceramics mugs and tiles, and a large variety of performance apparel t-shirts.
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