Tips and Tricks of Sublimation Production (3)

 Keeping Your Press Clean
It is important to protect the rubber pad that is attached to the lower section of the heat press. The same is true for the rubber pad found in a mug press. Covering the pad with a protective sheet of paper, a paper towel or a Teflon sheet will prevent sublimation ink from being absorbed into it.
sublimation printingIf You Use Paper: Choose an inexpensive white bond paper or a roll of white paper (cut as needed), and discard after each pressing. Unprinted newsprint paper is also a good choice.
If You Use a Paper Towel: Choose an inexpensive, white, non-textured brand (the texture will leave a pattern on the substrate), and discard after each pressing
If You Use a Brown Teflon Sheet: Clean it with alcohol after each pressing
Preventing Ghosting
Sublimation requires a tight connection between the transfer page and the blank product when under heat. For the best results, as the inks gas and dye the product, you must ensure that the paper doesn’t shift. If the transfer page moves during the sublimation process, this could result in a blurry image or ghosting, which resembles a shadow effect.
To prevent this, always fix the sublimation transfer paper to the product itself using heat-resistant tape or repositionable (temporary) spray adhesives.
Hard Substrates
When decorating hard substrates, use heat-resistant tape to attach the transfer page to the product. Do not tape across the image area, as this can often damage the image quality. Press the product normally, and then remove the transfer carefully. Heat tape can be purchased from your distributor.
sublimation printing
Soft Substrates
One of the most common difficulties in working with soft substrates is having dust, lint and other fibers from the air imprint into the fabric when pressing. This will leave little blue marks on the fabric, which can detract from the quality of your print.
The best way to reduce this to use a sticky lint roller before each press. A simple tape-based roller that you buy at the local grocery store will lift most of the particles that you can see, and many others that are invisible to the naked eye. It’s a good idea to get into the habit of lint rolling fabrics before placing the transfer paper.
dye sublimation printing
To use spray adhesive, spray a light mist on the image side of the transfer paper from about 12”/30cm away. Do not spray the product. Then, simply press the transfer paper to the product. If you position it incorrectly, you can lift it off and reposition it.It is difficult to tape to soft substrates, like t-shirts and mousepads. Instead, you can use a repositionable adhesive spray to tack the transfer paper to the product.
Press the product normally and remove the transfer. Ask your dealer about suitable adhesive sprays. 
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