Some Suggestions For Using Sublimation Paper

    Sublimation printing, also referred to as dye sublimation printing,is a process that consists of the direct printing of a digital file to paper, by various the most common is through inkjet printers. This process is recommended when the print volume is small and the delivery time is very short, since one of the main advantages of this type of printing is the almost immediate availability of the prints, this type of printing is having an accelerated growth so several printers and businesses are incorporating this type of printers.
sublimation transfer paper   Tip1: Adjust The  Appropriate Color Density
   Adjust the color   concentration in the     computer to avoid the ink is   too easy to dry   the situation,   after   adjustment need to     check  the   thermal transfer   effect.
   Tip2: Adjust printing house   temperature   and humidity
  the printing room temperature   should be     controlled at about   20-25   degrees ,   humidity   should be   controlled at 50%   -70%.
   The printing room must be kept  clean.   Avoid dust   impurities in the   air   contaminated with paper, ink   and even   printer nozzles, causing   damage to the   printer.
   Tip3: Printer Precautions
the printer should be reliably grounded, so as not to bring static electricity to the printer, affecting the print results.
the printer placed to maintain the level, to avoid the printing process caused by uneven ink pressure and color ink phenomenon.
ink bags should be cleaned once every three months, ink stacking and scraping to regular cleaning
  Tip4: Adjust The Appropriate Hot Pressing Temperature And Time
1) Please use the sublimation ink, mirror print
2) Do not touch the sublimation transfer paper printing surface with your hand directly, which might contaminate the paper and affect the printing effect.
3)To stack the drawings, make sure the pattern is completely dry, otherwise it will cause the pollution of the drawings scrapped.sublimation printing
4)When transferring, set the optimum temperature (180-230 ℃) and the transfer time (10-40S) according to the operating environment and the machine. Please pay attention to choose different transfer Temperature and time for different fabrics
5)During the transferring, hot pressing surface, transfer paper and substrate surface must be close, there can not be gaps, otherwise there will be transfer graphics blur.
6)for the fabric easy to be appear heat shrinkage , do the pre-flatten 1-2 times and then transfer. if together with the sticky sublimation transfer paper, you can achieve better results.
7)Do the color calibration before printing, transfer machine surface need to keep clean, take some trial in small image, get experience and then do the official transfer.
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