What's The Differences Between Locked And Unlocked Epson Dx5 Print Head?

Epson Dx5 printheads were initially manufactured just for Roland, Mimaki and Mutoh until China started to produce printers with similar features and resolution they discovered that the Epson Dx5 printhead used on this machines was the same one used on the R2000 Epson printer which is a smaller printer that costs about 699.00. So what they did was to start buying the whole printer and take off the printhead and use it for their machine production and to sale it in the market for Mimaki models: JV5, JV33, CJV30 and CJV150 Series
epson dx5
This practice was carried out for about 2 years until EPSON came up with a solution to end this problem, this solution was to place an encrypted code in the memory board of the printhead so the R2000 printhead cant be used for large format printers anymore. so when install this new encrypted printhead the print will come out smaller or with errors.  Many vendors were caught by surprise with this and end up with a huge inventory of encrypted Dx5 printheads so they decided to put them in the market and let the customers deal with the problem.
epson dx5 print head
Soon after that the Chinese came up with a memory card to unlock the printheads and thats were the Locked and Unlocked Dx5 printhead were born. The price went up and this printheads were being sold at 1500.00 each due to the high demand from replacement and chinese printers manufacturers. Later on,  EPSON came up with a second lock code to stop this to continue and chinese started to produce their machines compatible with this lst locked and 2nd locked printheads and thats how we end up with this confusion of not knowing which one is the right printhead for each machine. Which we explain as follows:
print head
For Mimaki, Roland and Mutoh Printer owners: Buy the original brand from any of this brands and the Dx5 Printhead will work perfectly.
Part No. by Brand:
Mimaki – M007947
Mutoh – DF-49684