How to Choose Right Heat Transfer Paper Dark And Light for Cotton Fabrics?

Our experts are addressed with several questions regarding the kind of printers or best heat press machine. But most often, we get asked by heat press business owners of the kind of transfer paper that is best for them.
This is the reason we take this opportunity to shed light on some tips that will help you choose the right transfer paper for your customized business.
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What Options Do I have Available?
Contrary to popular claim, there are actually quite a few choices available for transfer paper. This can depend on various factors, like the fabric you use, the color of the material, the kind of printer, etc. Some are even available for to be used for home, with an iron, instead of professional use. Let’s take a closer look at each of them for a clearer picture.
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Black & White
We pick these two specific colors because they are an extreme form of dark and light. The heat transfer paper made for black garments tends to be thicker than average because of the rubber layer base made of white material. Furthermore, they are darker and more opaque.
On the other hand, when you’re printing on a light or white, ask your vendors for one specifically labeled “for light colored fabrics”. Typically, the transfer paper that is used has a transparent polymer fabric. Due to the transparency factor, the fabric printing tends to maintain a level of vibrancy and the empty spaces on your graphic will show up as it is. 
dark transfer paper
Inkjet & Laser Printer Consideration
This is one of the most crucial considerations when purchasing heat transfer paper.
Generally, the transfer papers that are used for inkjet printers are available widely and are compatible with almost all transfer paper. So you need not fret much about this. They also will present better results- brighter prints and more coverage. However, inkjet printers use more ink, and therefore have a relatively higher running cost.  
inkjet printers
With regards to laser printers they are a bit cost effective in running cost due to toner being used rather than ink, but do have a higher upfront cost.  However, it is important to note that not all laser printers are compatible with laser heat transfer paper. Lucky for you, HeatPressNation has a range of Laser Printers that are compatible!