Why Digistar Kiian Hi-pro Sublimation Ink Popular in Pakistan Markets!

Kiian Digital is a leading manufacturer of sublimation inks for digital print. With offices in Italy, China and the USA, Kiian delivers to over 90 countries worldwide. Its products include sublimation, disperse and pigmented inks. Kiian Digital is the preferred partner for those seeking consistent quality and reliability and highest price-added value ratio in transfer and direct printing. With its roots in industrial, specialty and screen-printing products, Kiian Digital has a long history when it comes to the development of dedicated products for various print heads and applications such as sportswear, promotional wear, visual communications and graphic arts.
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KIIAN sublimation inks it can deliver solutions for a wide range of applications. Sublimation, disperse direct and pigment inks for digital textile printing. All water based. All are reliable and sustainable. As we all know, In Pakistan, too many sublimation printing business factory use Roland wide format inkjet printers, like RF640, RT640, RA640, TS300P 1800, XT640 etc models, they usually use kiian ink for their Roland printers, this article will tell you why Pakistan people prefer to choose Kiian Hi-pro ink for Roland? 
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Digistar HI-PRO series is a great sublimation solution in the production of supreme-quality high-fashion apparel, endurance sportswear, equipment, producing. In terms of textile applications, the Digistar HI-PRO range offers supreme image quality and is quick-drying, perfect in the production of final applications, including sportswear.
Digistar HI-PRO series arms customers with the ability to perfect designs early, as these approved products do not require additional testing. This not only directly decreasing their developmental cost, it also significantly accelerates the products’ time-to-market and allows more goods to be produced in a shorter turnaround time.
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Specifically designed for synthetic fabrics and uncoated and coated rigid substrates, the Digistar HI-PRO series ink provides high colour concentration particularly on coated and uncoated paper.